Ways and Means
Garden Club of St. Augustine, Inc.
Founded in 1926
The Committee consists of one delegate from each Garden Circle
under the Chairmanship of Lola Stark and Lois Hannabury-Deno.
Meetings are held at the Garden Center on the fourth Tuesday of the
month at 10:00AM when required.
The Ways and Means Committee (formerly the Building Committee) was
formed in 2011 to explore the possibilities of building

an addition to our existing
Garden Center at 3440 Old Moultrie Road.   
As our Club membership gr
ows and we continually add new activities and
programs we fo
und ourselves in much need of more space.
The proposal to develop a plan and raise funds to implement the plan
has been successfully achieved. The extension provides
a larger
meeting area, more storage space, and
beautiful kitchen facilities.
These new amenities allow the Club:
  • to hold more than one activity at a time in the building
  • host fundraisers with the ability to serve hot food if desired
  • hold larger community outreach programs
  • provide adequate space for Club and Circle meetings
  • provide each Circle and Committee with extra storage space
Having successfully achieved the goal to build an addition to our
facility the Building Committee was renamed the Ways and Means
committee and continues in its fundraising capacity to provide monies
for the future needs of the Garden Club facility.
The 2016 extension to the Garden Center