Garden Club of St. Augustine, Inc.
Founded in 1926
Flower Show Lecture Series

Saturday, March 30

10:00 am
Monarchs and Other Pollineighbors:
Presented by St. Johns County Master Gardener, Dianne Battle.
Which butterflies and other pollinators call your neck of the woods home  and
why.  Where to observe them, how to provide a pollinator-friendly landscape,
and how citizen science adds to our knowledge of them.  

11:30 am
Salt Tolerant Landscape Plants:
Presented by St. Johns County Horticulture Extension Agent. Terra Freeman,
Learn how to use coastal ecosystems and plant communities as inspiration for
salt tolerant landscapes.  

1:00 pm
Gardening for Mental Health:
Presented by St. Johns County Master Gardener, Jenny Lane.
Learn about the interesting history of gardening for mental health, how time in
nature affects us for the better and why we need this now more than ever.  

2:30 pm
Invasive Plant Species:
Presented by St. Johns County Parks Naturalist, Kelly Ussia.
Ever wonder how to identify and remove the plants that are “bad” for your
yard and the environment? Then this lecture is for you. Participants will learn
about the top local invasive species, how to remove them, and recommendations
on natives alternatives.  

Sunday, March 31

11:00 am
Landscaping for Florida’s Wildlife:
Presented by St. Johns County Master Gardener, Pam Hutcherson.
Creating a native ecosystem in your yard.  

12:30 pm
Growing and Culinary Uses of Fresh Herbs:
Presented by Owner of D & D Nursery. Dennis Gretton,  
Learn how to successfully grow and cook with common and unusual herbs in
Flower Show 2017
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