Monthly Newsletter
Garden Club of St. Augustine, Inc.
Founded in 1926
Garden Club of St. Augustine, F
ebruary 2017  
8 – Poinsettia Drawing for Valentine Basket
9 -- Woodland Card Party, 12 noon
12 – Petals and Kisses, 4:00, Lightner
Museum pool area
20 --Table Design workshop, 11:00
25 -- Keith Fuller talk, 10:00 garden club
2 – Tour of Homes committee, 10:00
2 – Floralines, 1:30
8 - Club meeting
10 -- Orange Park Planting for Success
11 - Yard Sale
18 - Environmental Committee program for
Children -- Recycling
March 31 - April 2 -- Flower Show and
EPIC, Ag Center

20 – Shamrock trip to Savannah
26-28 -- FFGC Annual Convention, Kissimmee

5 -- District Meeting - Outlet Mall
Community Room
Presidents’ Message
We are trying a new format for this month’s newsletter – one that is easier to read online, we hope, and one
that will include all the information we want to send to you all.
As our two years as presidents start to wind down, we still have a lot that we want to accomplish!  
We hope that your circles are identifying your community outreach projects to qualify for the Circle Grants
this year. We’ve approved three grants already and are looking forward to hearing about more.
You have undoubtedly noticed all the trees that have fallen or are about to fall, in our back and side
property, thanks to Hurricane Matthew.  We have arranged with Shaw Tree Service to have the trees taken
out, mulched up if possible, and spread on our parking areas. This should take place on February 22nd.
We are also hoping to schedule some new permanent drawers and cabinets in the kitchen area.
It’s true that the larger the area is available, the more items seem to fill it up! It’s become quite messy. Our
Building Committee and the GC Board of Directors have approved a tentative plan and we are in the process
of getting a few more estimates. We hope we can get this project started during the spring.
A nominating committee has been selected to identify new Club officers. You will be doing the same in your
Circles as well.  Please be open to volunteering for new challenges and new experiences if called upon.
That’s how we grow!
Other activities that we will participate in are included in the short articles in this newsletter.
We thank you all for the support you’ve given to the Club and the interest you show in all that the Club is

Lightner Museum Partnership
As part of our continuing partnership with the Lightner Museum, our Club is helping with the
“Petals and Kisses” program on Sunday February 12th from 4:00 to 6:00 p.m.  This interactive workshop will
feature Dottie Hudson. Each participant will take home a lovely floral arrangement that they have created.
Teas and desserts will be served. Cost is $40. Go to for more
information and tickets. Why not sign up and bring a friend?
This event is part of the year-long programs that are being held in preparation for the Dressing Downton
exhibit coming to the Lightner in October of this year, running through January 2018.  Our Garden Club
members will have a special showing of the exhibit one evening in October. More information to come!

Kitchen Needs
As we use our clubhouse for more events, we notice that there are a few kitchen items that would be
helpful to have.  If you would like to donate one of the following, in good condition, please contact
Ann Doak (814-4569).

·         Large Colander

·         Very large bowls

·         Salad spinner

·         Cutting Boards

We’ve been spending a lot of time lately cleaning up the clubhouse rooms recently.
We want you to enjoy being there and to use the clubhouse as if it were your home. BUT similar to our own
homes, we need to keep it neat. Please wipe off counters, sweep the floors, put away items where they
belong, and when you leave, turn down the heat and lock the doors. This will make things easier for the next
folks who use the clubhouse.
We have placed a number of items that are no longer needed in the main room near the door to the porch.
If you see something there that you would like, feel free to take it. If items are still there within a month
or so, they will all be donated to the Habitat store.

Silent Auction for Artwork
For the next month, until our March Club meeting on March 8th, we will have a Silent Auction for the
artwork that is no longer needed in the clubhouse.  Prints and paintings are on two tables in the main
meeting room. Feel free to add your name, phone number, and price you’re willing to pay on the
accompanying sheets. Highest bids on March 8th will win. Some of these pieces are very lovely and might
make a nice addition to your home.

Spring District Meeting
This year’s spring District IV Meeting is being hosted by our Garden Club! It is scheduled for May 5
at the Outlet Mall Community Room – not our usual spot. We hope to have many members join us! We’ll
meet the new District officers – some of whom are our own Club members – and will have some interesting
talks about what’s going on in the District. We will also have a great guest speaker who will make us all laugh
about Horticulture.  We will be asking for some help for this meeting. If you want to volunteer,
talk with Ann or Jan.

FFGC Convention
This year’s convention will be held in Kissimmee on April 26 through 28. The agenda includes a number
of workshops of interest to new officers plus talks on Bees, Wildflowers, Wetlands, Programs for youth,
Design, and Botany. There will be awards and installation of the new officers.  See for
information.  It would be nice to have a St. Augustine contingent there!

Flower Show
Our Standard Flower Show, A Mad Hatter’s Garden Party, will be held on March 31 through April 2 at the
Ag Center, in conjunction with Epic’s Celebration of Spring. Now is the time to sign up for judged flower
design divisions and the non-judged Artistic Crafts Division! See the information on our website at or call Barbara Huber at 797-0660. The two classes of non-judged Artistic
Crafts are titled Off with their Heads (a hat decorated to the theme) and My Reality is just Different
(a framed mirror with a stand).

Celebrating our 90th
Continuing to look back at the 90 years of our Garden Club’s history, we note that the first SAGC
yearbook we have in our possession is from 1949-1950. President that year was Mrs. William Hobbs. There
were seven Circles, which met eight times a year. The Garden Club met five times that year. Each member
was allowed three “cuts” from their Circle meetings, but only one “cut” from the Club meeting!  
Circle dues were $1.50 per year while Federation dues were an additional fifty cents. Some of the more
interesting programs that year were on Moving Pictures, a May basket exchange, a trip to the Oriental
Gardens in Jacksonville, arranging tropical flowers, and a slide show of the National Parks and Monuments.
St. Augustine was busy during those years and was becoming quite the tourist attraction.   
Also in 1949, an unnamed Category 4 hurricane hit Florida in August. It hit the southern part of the state first,
and by the time it reached St. Augustine, it was considered a tropical storm. There was still a lot of damage,
however, as the photo below shows.  Also during 1949 and 1950, Potter’s Wax Museum was
opened, as was the first Ripley’s Believe it or Not Museum, both in St. Augustine.

Upcoming Events

We have a wide variety of activities planned for Garden Club members during the next few months.
Please participate in whatever suits your fancy.

Keith Fuller will give another talk on gardening on Saturday, February 25, at 10:00.  
His last talk was well-attended and informative. Refreshments will be served. Cost is $10.

A workshop for all garden club members to discuss Table Design will be presented by Elli Steiger
on Monday, February 20th, at 11:00 am at the garden club. If you've ever been tempted to enter the flower
show but were not sure of what was expected, please come to this demonstration of Table Designs.  
Elli will have examples of different table designs and can answer any questions you may have.
Table designs are a fun and easy way to enter a flower show.

The Shamrock Circle
of Saint Augustine Garden Club is offering a bus trip to Savannah on April 20.  
We will leave at 7:00 a.m., have a two-hour tour of the Georgia Coastal Botanical Gardens with noted
author and columnist Norman Winter, followed by free time in old downtown to lunch, shop and tour,
retuning by 7:00 p.m. The cost is $90 including garden entrance, a continental breakfast and light
refreshments on the return trip. Please call Mimi at 679-3886.

Our Environmental Committee will hold a Children’s Program on Trash to Treasure on
March 18 at 10:00 at the clubhouse. They will have hands-on projects, books to give away, and lots of other
information for young folks. Contact Bea Imhoff (825-4614) for more information.