Monthly Newsletter
Garden Club of St. Augustine, Inc.
Founded in 1926
Message from the President
Garden Club of St. Augustine, F
ebruary/March 2018  
The Memory of Beautiful Flowers Last Forever
President's Message
At the January monthly meeting Angel Demetriades gave a wonderful report on Butterflies and Birds.
An interesting tidbit was that birds are the only living creatures other than humans that exist
on all seven continents.

The Garden of the Month assignments for December through February can be switched to June throug
August if the Circles assigned to those months prefer.  

Encouragement was give to have an article in the local Newspaper.

The FFGC Florida Flower Show Judges Spring Symposium was held at Fernandina Beach on February 28 –
March lst.  There was a very successful Ways and Means table along with an excellent symposium.
Scholarship deadline is March 31st for any student who is studying the environment.  The application is on
our website which is or contact member, Celeste Burns.

Fun with Flowers has ended for this year.  It will start up again in the Fall.  

We had excellent demonstrations and it was fun for many of our members and the Snow Birds.
Ways and Mean had a great luncheon and fashion show in February.  Members of the different circles
modeled wonderful beach clothes for everyone.

Laura Eastman, a writer from the magazine called “Social”,  came to our February meeting to find out what
we're all about.  Look for this article in April issue of that magazine.  Laura came back the next day with a
photographer who took pictures of Flower arrangements designed by Ginny Pierucci, Cathy Snyder and
Marilyn Smith, members of the Las Adelfas Circle.

Kids' Bridge representative, Aubrie Simpson Gotham, spoke to us at our February meeting.  

She explained their program and hope that volunteers from our club would assist them in their mission.  
She would also like us to plant some flowers.

A new TV was purchased so that we could view programs on flowers and ground maintenance.  

Circles have speakers who would like to show their program on a large screen.   
March 28th  at 10:00am will be the first meeting of the Boutique Committee for 2018 Tour of Homes.  

It will be directed by Barbie Raynor and Margo Pomar.  
It will be a good time to use our large TV to look up crafts on the internet etc.

Elaine Domenick reported that we had many children this year who wanted to go to Wekiva compared to last
year when we could find very few. Circles were requested to donate money to the Garden Club as we have
already paid the registration fee. Bags were passed out for each camper to take with them that could include
sun screen, bug repellent, a flash light etc.

Julington Creek Elementary will have a ceremony for Arbor Day on April 21st. Trees are being pro
vided by Southern Horticulture.  Sue Swain and the Environmental Committee are involved.  

Everyone is invited to attend.

Our Flower Show is coming up and Horticulture rules were put in the Circles' folders by Maggie Ouellette.
 Latin name and the regular name must be filled out on the entry form.

You can drop off your horticulture and design at the Agric. Center on April 19th between 10-3.
Judging is on April 20th.

Don’t forget the State Flower Show which will be held at the World Golf Village as well a
s the Viva La Florida
Convention and workshop in April.

On  Friday,
April 20th, at 11:30AM, the Garden Club of Palatka will have the rededication
of the Bartram Trail Marker. It will be held at Ravine Gardens.  

Every year millions of people plant trees
. They symbolize a commitment to the earth, forest and orchard.  
So plant a tree this Arbor Day.

William Bartram born in 1739 to Quakers was the 5th of 9 children. With his father they are credited w
identifying over 200 plants.  A beautiful flowering tree called Franklinia was named after his friend Benjamin
Franklin and was saved from extinction. William Bartram walked this  trail from 1773 to 1777.  The Ravine
Garden is part of that trail.  The trail in Palatka has been named  part of National Register of Historic Places.


April 22-24 2018
-- Viva La Florida, 92nd Annual Convention, World Golf Village,
State of Florida Flower Show, Workshop
June 9th 2018 National Garden Week