Monthly Newsletter
Garden Club of St. Augustine, Inc.
Founded in 1926
Message from the President
Garden Club of St. Augustine, O
ctober 2017  
The Memory of Beautiful Flowers Last Forever
President's Message

Downton Abbey:  
From October 3rd to January 7th,  the 10 circles of the Garden Club of St. Augustine will exhibit two
flower arrangements.   Members will have the opportunity to design one small arrangement and one large
arrangement upstairs at the entrance of the exhibit.
All the members were invited on October 9th to a preview of this beautiful display of the clothes, antiques
and rugs from that time period.   Some member wore hat and clothing to compliment the evening.
There was a sign posted on the large arrangement that read
Welcome to the Lightner Museum’s Downton Abbey Exhibit
“Arrangement contributed by the Garden Club of St. Augustine”
First Design
Las Adelfas provided the October 3rd design
·        “Welcome to Downton”  
Sunflower provided the October 12th design
·        “Commitment to the Family”
Shamrock provided the October 19th design
·        “Fun in the Sunroom”
Camellia provided the October 26th design
·        “Love is in the Air”
The arrangements were all beautiful I hope you have been receiving the photos of each arrangement as
they have been sent to your circle presidents.  There will be many more to come and I will be sending
them to you as I receive them. They are also available to view on the Garden Club web-site.

Club House:
We have hired a company called Worker Man who is cutting our parking lot and other grasses.  He also
will be involved in cleaning up the north area behind the building.  
Replacement or repairs of all outside lightning has been completed.  We have filled in a hole at the back
of the building and evicted the squirrel that had set up living quarters.
We hope to paint the kitchen floor sometime in November.  The pump is working and we are now looking
into irrigation.
Long term repairs of the entryway are being looked into for safety purposes.
We hired a cleaning service that will clean the building every two weeks.  It was noted that the circle that
has the refreshment for the monthly meeting also has the Garden of the Month Award.  A suggestion was
made that each circle appointment a housekeeper, for the meeting at the club house, so that everything
will be left spotless. We don’t want anything left in the refrigerator or left in the trash cans.

Gardenfest was held on October 21st in Green Cove Springs.  It is a one-day program offering a wide
range of horticulture and environmental subjects.  Many members of St Augustine attended to hear
interesting speakers.  Ways and Means reported that they were very successful at their table.  All who
attended had a fun day.

District IV:
There was a meeting of District IV on October 13 at Ribault Garden Club, Jacksonville Beach.  Officers
spoke on their visits to all districts and what they found due to the hurricanes destruction and the many
events being held at the Winter Park Headquarters.  A wonderful breakfast and lunch was served to all

We had our first meeting of the year on October 11th with Camellia and Dianthus providing the
refreshments. We had a full house for the program on Butterflies given by Dianne Battles.   We passed
out information on creating a butterfly garden, seeds instructions for plants that butterfly need and
instructions on when to plant 3 host plants and 3 nector plants seed.  The program was very informative
and we are planning to have quarterly programs in 2018.  
Ginny Pierucci created a beautiful flower arrangement that was one of raffle giveaways along with gift
certificate to Southern Horticulture, hot and cold mugs and packets of butterfly attractor seeds.  We had a
back table which provided information of Community Outreach, New Membership, Circle Grants and
information on Housekeeping. Also a suggestion box to make our club a better place.
We awarded Life Time Membership pins to former presidents Ann Doak and Jan Litchfield.
Yearbooks had been received and everything you wanted to know is in this yearbook.  We will be
revising the by-laws and in November passing the budget.  We have new membership forms so if you are
in need see Barbie Raynor.  Sue Swain is working on submitting State Award information  on Downton
Abbey, along with other awards.  Deadline is November 1st.
Tour of Homes:

Tickets are selling and the boutique items are needed by November 9th, 10th,16th,17th, 18th. Put your
circle’s name, your name and the suggested price on each item.  A new section this year will be
Treasures of the Past.  If you have an item and would like to participate contact Virginia Cunningham.
Raffle tickets lst prize $500, 2nd $300, 3rd $100. Tickets are $5.00 each or 3 for $10.00. All stubs and
money must be turned in by November 28th.
Don’t forget Cookies -- each member is asked to provide 4 dozen cookies and one batch of savory, sugar
free or gluten free cookies.  Deliver them to COA on Saturday December 2nd from 9AM-1PM.
Gardening:  NGC President Nancy Hargrove theme
Gardening teaches:
·        to everything there is a season
·        Appreciate the beauty of the world
·        Sharing
·        Patience waiting for a plant to grow
·        Optimism and hope

Calender Dates:
November 1st deadline for grants to Sue Swain
November 3rd Christmas wreath, swags, centerpieces, miniature trees-donation to the COA
November 19th Christmas on the River wine tasting, silent auction, entertainment, delicious food
                and fair trade items for sale
December 3rd Tour of Homes
January 20th, 2018 Trash or Treasure FFGC Winter Park
April 22-24 2018 Viva La Florida 92nd Annual Convention, World Golf Village,
                       State of Florida Flower Show, Workshop
June 9th 2018 National Garden Week

There was a time in St Augustine when streets floated out with the tide that, of course, was back in the
late 1800 when most of the main thoroughfares were paved with wooden blocks and the lesser ones
were rutted roads or oyster shell.