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ovember/December 2017  
The Memory of Beautiful Flowers Last Forever
President's Message

Downton Abbey:  
From October 3rd to January 7th the 10 circles of the Garden Club of St. Augustine will and have exhibited two
flower arrangements each week.   Members had the opportunity to design one small arrangement at the
entrance of the exhibit and one large arrangement upstairs.  
Here is a list of arrangements that have been completed or are in the process of being planned until the end of
the Downton Exhibit January 7, 2018.
November 2
Elli Steiger (Woodland)  “Edwardian Garden Party”
November 9
CeCe Grillo (Dianthus)  “The Harvest Hunt”
November 16
Judy Vershav/Terry Nelson (Geranium)  “Chic and Shorn Roaring 20s”
November 23, 30, and December 7
Jean Dowdy/Bryanne Hamilton (Southern Horticulture) “Welcoming Winter Greenery” for the Foyer
December 14
Rosemary Comtois (Hibiscus)  “The Changing Circle of Life”
December 21
Dottie Hudson, Margo Pomar (Gaillardia)  “Christmas at Downton”
December 28
Jeanette Smith/Gloria Burchfield (Poinsettia)  “Downton Abbey Happy New Year!”

The photos of all the arrangements are also available on the Garden Club web-site.  There were all beautiful and creative.

Club House:
Plans are being completed at the club house to install irrigation pipes and update the driveway.  Craig Raynor
(GC Treasurer) is working on a design to cover the pipes and also to install 3 covers to start the irrigation and
3 more next year.  The Pump will be timed to turn off.
The Garden Club sign is being repainted and will be installed along with the white picket fence.  Craig has
order dirt to replenish and upgrade the soil.
The Board approved a mail box for used books to be placed by the memorial pavers.  This will be available to
the public and members. A notice will be put in the newspaper.  Installation will be sometime in January 2018.
Maggie Ouellette has agreed to chair the Landscape Committee. We would like to have a representative from
each circle join us along with the other established members already on the committee.
Our 2017-2019 priorities are to become a Community Garden Showcase with public accessible nature trails,
butterfly gardens, cutting gardens, hydroponic gardens inviting bats, birds and have feeders and water access.

District IV:
Jan reminded everyone about the Trash or Treasure event being held at Headquarters on January 20th, 2018.
Arbor Day is scheduled for January 19th, 2018 in Florida.  It is a great opportunity to celebrate by planting a
tree or passing out information on trees.  
District IV has a new Facebook page by Dianne Battle.  

Check it out at

Community Outreach:
Gaillardia Circle decorated Villa Flora on December 17th 2018.  This building was open to the public from
1pm to 4pm.  The Sisters have just finished the restoration of this beautiful building and wanted the public to
see it.  The Gaillardia Circle highlighted the beauty of the Villa, especially the lovely stain glass windows and
the chandelier, with wonderful flowers, wreaths, swags, poinsettias, and the Sister’s collection of Nativity sets.
Donation Request: Ginny Pierucci, Garden Club member from Las Adelfas, is asking for donations of design
materials, books, horticulture items, dried material and other related design containers etc for the
istrict Judge’s Council Ways and Means at the State Symposium which will be held at the World Golf Village.  
All donations can be brought to the next Council Meeting on January 10th or drop them off any time at the club
house with Ginny's name on your donation.

At the December Council meeting we had a special guest speaker, Maggie Barbieri.  Maggie took us through
Downton from season 1 to the end of the series.  She was dressed for the part and has a wonderful English
accent. It was fun and we all enjoyed the program.

Tour of Homes:
Marla, Tour of Home’s Treasurer, reported that as of December 7th we grossed $54,125. Expenses from the
Circles have not been paid along with other miscellaneous expenses.  A complete report will be reviewed at
the January 10th council meeting.

Legends says that hummingbirds float free of time, carrying our hopes for love, joy, and celebration.  The
hummingbird's delicate grace reminds us that life is rich, beauty is everywhere, every personal connection has
meaning and that laughter is life’s sweetest creation.
In the November 2017 "Keeping in Touch" there was an interesting article on native plants and wildflowers.  
Wildflowers are part of nature’s great picture.  Wildflowers first appeared about 130 million years ago.  The
Native Americans and early settlers used wildflowers for food and medicine.  A wildflower is a native plant that
grows without human care. Others may be common to an area, but not indigenous and are called naturalized.
NGC Native Plants and Wildflower Awards offers us the opportunity of win up to $1,000  for a worthy project.  
For more information see NGC website.

Calender Dates:
January 10, 2018 -- Council Meeting 9:30AM refreshments
January 13
-- Design Class 9:30AM Garden Club
January 15
-- Circle Treasurer’s Workshop
January 20
-- 2018 Trash or Treasure FFGC Winter Park
January 23
-- Ways and Means Meeting 10:00AM
January 25
-- Planting Committee 9:30AM
January 31
-- Woodland Card Party at Club House
February l
-- Tour of Homes meeting 10:00AM
April 22-24
-- Viva La Florida 92nd Annual Convention, World Golf Village,
        State of Florida Flower Show, Workshop
June 9th
-- National Garden Week

In 1870 the name of the newspaper was called “Our Town”.   One of St. Augustine earliest tourist hotel was
called The Old Florida House and was located along the bay but was destroyed in 1914 by fire.