Garden Club of St. Augustine, Inc.
Founded in 1926
Youth Programs
The Florida Federation of Garden Clubs
and The Garden Club of St Augustine
offers many programs for our youth
- The Citizens of Tomorrow -
who we encourage to learn about and conserve our
air, water and other resources.
We sponsor programs for many age groups from
Camp Wekiva to Junior Gardeners, and SEEK.  
We do have scholarships for grades 3 through 8.
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Classes are jointly sponsored by each library branch’s Friends of the Library organization, the
Parks and Recreation Services, local Nurseries, local experts in the subject of the particular
summer program and the Garden Club of St. Augustine.  
Garden Club of St. Augustine Mentors:
Cathy Snyder and Marilyn Smith (Las Adelfas Circle)
Children aged 5 through 12 are invited to come join us to learn about horticulture and interesting
environmental facts through hands on “make and take” child-friendly projects.

Registration for these workshops is highly recommended as class size is limited.
These workshops will be held at the library branches on the days and times indicated below.
(Dates will be posted closer to Summer).
Please contact your local branch library for more information.
For branch libraries hosting two workshops, the second workshop is a repeat of the first.
: All children under the age of 10 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian for the
duration of the program per the library’s policy.
The Program for Summer 201
8 is
Lizards (Anoles)

Southeast Branch Library –  (827-6900)

Ponte Vedra Beach Branch Library –  (827-6950)

Main Library –  (827-6940)   

Hastings Branch Library – (827-6970)  

Bartram Trail Branch Library – (827-6960)   

Anastasia Island Branch Library – (209-3730)   

* In the instance of two workshops being held at a branch library,
the second workshop is always a repeat of the first.

Photographs from the Workshops -- CLICK here

Greetings, PR contacts and Library Supporters:

As you may know, for seven summers now, our Library System has hosted Nature Detective
Workshops at several branch libraries in St. Johns County! These workshops are sponsored by the
Garden Club of St. Augustine and each branch library’s Friends of the Library organization; taught
by various Garden Circles of the Garden Club of St. Augustine; supported by St. Johns County Parks
and Recreation, and created by Cathy Snyder:  member of the Las Adelfas Circle, one-half of the
Sisterhood of the Traveling Plants, and also Youth Services Librarian Anne Crawford’s mother. It
takes a village to present these STEM workshops, and it is so worth the effort!

This summer’s popular pollinator – butterflies – was the focus of our Library System’s workshops. The
July 9th workshops hosted at the Ponte Vedra Beach Branch Library which were presented by Cathy
Snyder with assistance from her Las Adelfas Circle ladies and sponsored by the Garden Club of St.
Augustine and the Friends of the Ponte Vedra Beach Branch Library were a huge hit with the whole
family! In both workshops, the adults were learning, too, and many of the child attendees (ages 6 –
12, boys and girls alike) were siblings, making it truly a family affair. During the 1 ½ hr. workshops,
the children received packets of butterfly information and their own Nature Detective notebooks;
participated in hands-on activities and watched a short clip of “Wings of Life”; checked out gardening
and butterfly books from the Library; and received a free plant each from Southern Horticulture of
St. Augustine and a free butterfly book each thanks to the Garden Club of St. Augustine. The Las
Adelfas Circle also donated a copy of The Family Butterfly Book by Rick Mikula and “Wings of Life”
Blu-Ray/DVD to all six branch libraries in St. Johns County. Youth Services Librarian Anne Crawford
created a suggested reading list and places to visit handout in the packets to further extend the
learning opportunities. With the potential of “Summer Slide” a reality for youth every summer, these
fun and educational workshops aim to help children keep their minds firmly turned on and hearts open
to taking care of our world. We enjoyed learning the different between a butterfly and a moth, the
incredible migration of butterflies, taking the Nature Detective pledge, and so much more!

Attached are some of my favorite photos from the workshops – do not hesitate to contact me if you
need any further information about the pictures. Please feel free to share these photos, this write-
up, and the workshop locations and dates so more people know about the incredible partnerships and
learning opportunities the St. Johns County Public Library System affords! These workshops would not
be possible without the Garden Club of St. Augustine and each branch library’s Friends of the
Library organization.

Please help us support these wonderful workshops by spreading the word about the remaining three
so that they may reach as many children as possible! Space and materials are limited, so anyone
interested should contact any of these three branches for more information on registering. Thank
you, as always, for your generous support of our Library and of the youth populations we serve.
Because of your support and publicity, you helped make our workshops genuine success!
> Anne S. Crawford,
Nature Detective Series

Held at  County Libraries during Summer Break
(See details below. Call your local Library for more information)