Downton Abbey and The Garden Club of St. Augustine, Inc.
From October 4 2017 to January 7, 2018 the Garden Club  of St. Augustine will exhibit
two floral arrangements to be on display at the Lightner Museum.  (See photographs below).
One small arrangement for Lightner  Lobby
and one large arrangement for the Downton Abbey Exhibit Lobby.   
Each  of the ten Circles will design, arrange and set up on the their chosen date
beautiful flower arrangements.
Circle members may refresh their arrangement during this seven day time period
until another arrangement is presented to be displayed.  
The Lightner Museum will also host Garden Club members on Monday, October 9th
for a special viewing of the exhibit.  
There will be a sign designating our involvement in the exhibit

Welcome to the Lightner Museum’s Downton Abbey Exhibit
“Arrangement contributed by the Garden Club of St. Augustine”
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October 4, 2017 – January 7, 2018
Lightner Museum’s Grand Ballroom Gallery in Historic Saint Augustine Florida.
Extended Museum Hours:  Sunday – Thursday 9 a.m. to 7 p.m., Friday & Saturday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m

Dressing Downton, Changing Fashion for Changing Times is an exquisite exhibition of 36 costumes and accessories
paired to perfection in engaging vignettes, immersed amongst Otto Lightner’s collection of turn of the century fine art and furniture.
Many museum pieces in storage and others presently being restored will be on view for the first time as a part of the exhibition.
Dressing Downton will be masterfully displayed in the Museum’s Grand Ballroom Gallery.
October 3rd - Number 1
Co-ordinators: Carol Sisco/Cathy Snyder/Marilyn Smith.
Circle: Las Adelfas

”Welcome to Downton”
You are invited to experience, through period couture, the lives of the aristocratic
Crowley family in their Yorkshire estate, in an era encompassing the fourteen years
between 1912 and 1926.  You are welcomed to a time in their ever changing and
challenging history to a social event at the estate where the floral arrangements would
have been lush and abundant throughout the home.     
October 12 - Number 2
Co-ordinator: Marla Ward
Circle: Sunflower

”Commitment to the Family”
As a main theme throughout the Downton series, the yellow rose illustrates domestic
happiness.  The yellow rose can also symbolize jealousy and infidelity.  Both of these
meanings ring true to the Downton Abbey series.   We have included Queens Anne's
Lace for the sanctuary of the home Delphiniums round out the floral selection
symbolizing youth and renewal.  Our use of fern symbolizes sincerity.  
Ivy is for continuity and rosemary for remembrance.
October 19 - Number 3  
Co-ordinators: Fran De Steno and Mimi Cook
Circle: Shamrock

”Fun in the Sunroom”
Join Lady Grantham and the grandchildren in the sunroom as they enjoy the warmth
and beauty of nature that surrounds them.  
The birdcage adds a certain delight for the children.                    
November 2, 2017 - Number  5
Co-ordinator: Elli Steiger
Circle: Woodland

“Edwardian Garden Party”
As part of his duty to the county, it was expected that, once a year, the lord of the
manor would open the grounds for guests to wander through the gardens, row on the
lake or stroll along the paths to admire the beautiful surroundings.  Edwardian garden
parties often centered around croquet or tennis matches.  Ladies wore light summer
frocks, large hats, or carried a parasol to protect them from the glare of the sun.
Co-ordinators: Donna King O'Loughlin, Bryanne Hamilton, Jean Dowdy
Circle: Camellia

”Love is in the Air”
Love surely was in the air at the Downton Estate with over five nuptials upstairs and
two downstairs over the six seasons.  These sentiments were often expressed through
the language of flowers rather than spoken during the Victorian period.  Wedding
arrangements often included white roses (purity), pink (affection), and of course red
(passion). They would be paired with flowers like white acacia (elegance), alyssum
(sweet), or possibly calla lilies (magnificent beauty).  
Stock flowers added further elegance and romance to arrangements and symbolized a
happy life and contented existence.  
November 9 - Number 6  
Circle: Dianthus

”The Harvest Hunt”
It is a November morning.  The aristocratic Crawleys and their guests in formal hunt attire assemble on the mansions lawn and mount their beautifully
groomed horses with the finest hunting hounds at foot.  The hunt master sounds the horn.  The dogs take off, and everyone follows through the great
swaths of open land.  Drinks and food on the lawn await the returning hunters.  
And then, of course, "dress up" ......there is a Hunt Ball in the evening!  
Flowers used: ,Astromeria(soft gold), Bells of Ireland, Million Star Gyp,green, Joe Pye Purple weed', hybrid Red Lily, Yellow Red Rose,
Hypericum green berries, Seeded eucalyptus, Curly Willow, Various greenery, fern,pittosporum, iron leaf, red ivy.
December 21 -- Number 12
Co-ordinators: Dottie Hudson and Margo Pomar
Circle: Gaillardia

”Christmas at Downton”
A lavish Christmas is being hosted at Downton!  
Friends and family have arrived to celebrate and
toast the season.  Enjoy and be transported to
Highclere Castle, it's Christmas!  
November 16 – Number 7
Circle: Geranium

“Chic and Shorn Roaring 20s”
To bob or not to bob?  When Mary entered the library with her new chic and shorn dress and bob….things
changed thereafter at Downton Abbey; and for women around the world as they gained more and more
confidence and independence.
The flower arrangements depict the prior age of purity and women being innocent then coming out in the
roaring  20’s with a bang by pearls and feathers and dresses above the ankle and out with the old formal floral
arrangements which were tight and stifling the corsets no longer needed we gave the arrangements
flare and whimsy to capture this time and era !
Flowers used: French lace white roses floribundas; eucalyptus; pitisporum variegated;white silk phalaenopsis
orchids; dusty miller small arrangement; asiatic lily’s .
Co-ordinator: Rosemary Comtois
Circle: Hibiscus

“The Changing Circle of Life”
The Downton series demonstrated subtle changes in the social, political and environmental
lives of the aristocratic Grantham family and their live in servants. The passing of time was
shown to be evident in everything from their fashion,
WWl challenges, and many new inventions such as electricity and the telephone. Education
played a major role in a growing middle class. When at the end of the series the Dowager
proposed a toast to the future with doubtful overtones, Isabel Crawley countered saying “We
are going forward to the future, not back to the past”. True, they had weathered many changes
and the circle of life would continue to weave its way through their lives. Changes would
continue through present and future generations.
November 23, 30, and December 7  -- Numbers 8, 9, 10
Co-ordinators: Jean Dowdy/Bryanne Hamilton
Southern Horticulture

”Welcoming Winter Greenery for the Foyer"
During a dreary season, otherwise lacking in fresh color from their gardens, Downton's
inhabitants might turn to gleaning evergreens and dried plant materials from the actual
grounds of the manor, as well as adding potted specimens from the conservatory.        
December 28 -- Number 13
Co-ordinators: Jeanette Smith/Gloria Burchfield
Circle: Poinsettia

“Downton Abbey Happy New Year!”
Imagine experiencing the grandeur of Downton Abbey celebration of the new year.  The red rose, adopted as England's emblem since the time of the
War of the Roses is bold and sets the mood for an exciting new beginning.  The roses are complimented by fresh eucalyptus, fern and monstera leaf.