Garden Club of St. Augustine, Inc.
Founded in 1926
Environmental and Conservation
Study Group

Chairs: David Farah (Shamrock), Sue Swain (Shamrock)

Committee: Angela Demetriades, Jean Dowdy, Bryanne Hamilton,
       Bea Imhoff, Maureen Nightingale, Carolyn Smith

The Environmental Committee of the Garden Club of St Augustine was
established to promote and conserve our natural resources through
education.  Through the St Johns County schools and other community
organizations, educator stipends are given annually for gardens used as an
interactive learning tool and other teacher-initiated efforts.  Stipends are
awarded for education related to environmental science activities,
sustainability efforts and unique projects related to conservation education.  
The committee may hold educational programs for children on
recycling/repurposing and growing of plants.

Meeting times and place to be advised.

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Ways in which we can reduce our water usage:
1. Take only a 3 minute shower and install water saving shower heads, toilets and faucets
2. Water lawn only on your designated day
3. Turn off sprinkler system when it has rained
4. Use a rain barrel to catch water and use it on the garden
5. Direct downspout water flow to porous surfaces rather than concrete driveways, so
it can be absorbed
6. Don't wash clothes after only one wear, if possible
7. Turn water off while brushing teeth
8. Cover your pool or spa to reduce evaporation
9. Clean your driveway and sidewalk with a broom not water
10. Use the garbage disposal sparingly. Compost vegetable materials
11. Spread 3" of organic mulch around shrubs and plants
12. Reduce your lawn size by planting Native Plants
13. Check for leaking toilets
Florida's State Bird -- The Mocking Bird
The Garden Club of St. Augustine supports
the efforts of
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this issue affecting St Johns County.
Penny Pines Project

The Garden Club of St Augustine    joins with the
National Garden Club and the Florida Federation of
Garden Clubs by collecting money to help with the
reforestation/forest education program.  Just your
pennies will help reforestation in Florida’s most damaged
National and State Forests.  For just $68, your District,
Club and Circle can help to purchase and plant trees in
Osceola National and John Bethea State Forest which
have had over 11,000 acres destroyed by the Okefenokee
fires in 2010 and 2011.  The US Forest Service is trying
to reforest 250 to 500 acres per year to replace trees
destroyed in these fires.
Saving Forests $68 At A Time

NGC and the USDA Forest Service are proud to have
formed a partnership sustaining our national and urban
forests through this reforestation/forest education

Your Garden Club can participate in a meaningful and
practical conservation project by contributing $68.00 to
a Penny Pines plantation as part of the costs of
replanting replacement trees indigenous to a particular
damaged area. Whether by fire or by other natural
catastrophe, pine trees and other trees are replaced. You
may designate a specific State you wish to have benefit
from this contribution.

Under a Conservation agreement, the Forest Service will
do the planting, using your donation together with
Federal funds, and will provide to the plantation the same
protection from fires, insects, and disease given other
forested areas. The plantations are a part of the regular
National Forest reforestation program planted on
burned-over and brush-covered areas which are
potentially productive timberlands. Planting sites are
selected by the Supervisor of each National Forest.
These plantations provide soil protection, watershed
protection, soil stabilization, future harvestable timber,
as well as beauty and shade for recreation.

States, regions, districts, clubs and/or individuals may
participate in this program by donating in multiples of
$68. A $68 donation may be made in honor or in memory
of ONE individual, organization or theme.