Garden Club of St. Augustine, Inc.
Founded in 1926
Flower Show Schedule
Design Scale of Points  (HB p.130)
Conformance  (to design type)
Conformance  (to schedule requirements)
Design  (Elements and Principles of Design)
Artistic concept (selection of components)
Artistic concept  (organization of components)
Expression  (interpretation of class by exhibitor)
Distinction  (marked superiority in all respects)

A Standard Flower Show
presented by
The Garden Club of St. Augustine
Shirley Bonner, President
Member of
National Garden Clubs, Deep South Region
Florida Federation of Garden Clubs, District IV

St. Johns County Agricultural Center
3125 Agricultural Center Drive
St. Augustine, FL  32092
in conjunction with
EPIC Celebration of Spring
Open to the Public, wheelchair accessible
March 28, 2020, 9-5 Saturday, (with paid admission to EPIC)
March 29, 2020, 10-3 Sunday, (with paid admission to EPIC)
Theme "Welcome to my Garden"
Flower Show Committee 2020

(See General Rules below and Design Rules at the bottom of the schedule.)
(Horticulture Rules and Classifications can be found by clicking the green button marked
"Rules of Entering Horticulture on the main Flower Show page.)
1.    This flower show shall meet all requirements for a Standard Show as set forth by the National Garden Clubs, Inc.
2.   Design classes are open to all members of the Garden Club of St. Augustine and the National Garden Clubs.  
Horticulture classes are open to all amateur gardeners.
3.   The Handbook for Flower Shows, revised 2017, from the National Garden Clubs, Inc., shall be used by exhibitors and judges as the authority for
the governing of the show. The standard system of awarding will be used with blue (90+), red (85+), yellow (80+) and white
(honorable mention) ribbons presented as merited.
4.   Native plants on the Florida Conservation List may be used in all classes and divisions, provided such plants are labeled with the botanical name
and have been grown by the exhibitor or otherwise legally obtained.
5.   No artificial plant material (flowers, leaves, fruits or vegetables) will be allowed anywhere in the show.
6.   All properties must be marked with the exhibitor’s name.  The Committee cannot assume liability for damages or loss of personal property or injury.
7.   Exhibits shall be entered as follows:  
Horticulture Thursday, March 26, 2020 between 10 am and 3 pm; Designs Thursday, March 26,
between 11 am and 3 pm.
8.   Judging will begin at 11 am on Friday, March 27, 2020.  During judging, only the Show Chairman, the Judges Chairman, the Classification
Chairmen, Judges and Clerks may be on the show floor.  The decision of the judges is final. Any award not merited may be withheld.
No entry may be removed before 3 pm on Sunday, March 29. All entries must be removed by 4 pm Sunday.
10.   Entries not claimed by 4 pm will be removed by the Dismantling Committee and may be picked up at the Agricultural Center on Monday after 8 am.

Exhibitors are responsible for carefully reading the rules of the schedule.
Show Chairmen:
Schedule Publication:
Design Entries and Classification:
Entry Consultants:

Horticulture Entries and Classification:
Horticulture Assistant:
Horticulture placement:
Judges Brunch:
Staging and Dismantling:
Carole Saville, Ginny Pierucci
Carole Saville
Ellie Steiger
Lois Hannabury Deno
Designer’s choice - Carol Sisco
Table artistry - Rosemary Comtois
Petite award - Teresa Lopez
Botanical arts - Ellie Steiger
Youth - Gayle Prevatt
Maggie Ouellette
Barbie Raynor
Dottie Hudson
Carol Sisco
Fran de Steno (Shamrock Circle)
Teresa Lopez
Judy Lumpp
Lois Hannabury Deno and Dottie Hudson
Cindy Kern
Marcia Esche
Deborah Geanuleas (Las Adelfas Circle)
Ann Doak and Maria Sepulveda
                                    DIVISION II -- DESIGN                                          

1.   Entry in the Design Division is open to all members of the Garden Club of St. Augustine and the National Garden Clubs.
2.  All designs must be the work of one exhibitor.  An exhibitor may enter as many classes as available, but may enter only one design per class.  
If unable to exhibit, the exhibitor must provide a substitute. Design Consultants may not enter designs in the section in which they consult.  
Designs must be pre-registered and are limited to four entries per class.  Fresh plant material is strongly encouraged throughout the Design Division.
3.  The following may not be used as part of any design: the American flag, artificial plant material, treated plant material.
4.   Exhibitors must list plant material used on a 3” x 5” unlined card.  A brief interpretation of the design is encouraged.
5.   Floral or plant forms made of recognizable plant material (fresh, dried, and/or treated dried plant materials) are permitted in all classes unless
prohibited by the schedule.
6.   It is the responsibility of the exhibitor to keep all plant material fresh for the three days of the show.  The show committee reserves the right to
remove exhibits if they detract from the appearance of the show.
7.   Designs shall be entered on Thursday, March 28 between 11 am and 3 pm.  No exhibitor, except Flower Show Committee Chairmen, may remain in the room after 3 pm.
8.   Finished exhibits must be approved by the Design Classification Chairman before the exhibitor leaves the floor.  
After being approved by Classification, no alteration of the design is permitted.
9.   Complete definitions for each design may be found in the Handbook for Flower Shows, 2017.  The Design Scale of Points may be reviewed
on page 129 of the Handbook for Flower Shows, 2017. Judges are requested to make written comments on all exhibits except those awarded blue ribbons.
All Entry Cards scoring 90+ must be signed by a NGC accredited judge judging the show.
The judges may award:
  •       One Table Artistry Award to the highest scoring exhibit scoring 95 or above in Section C.
  •       One Petite Award to the highest scoring exhibit scoring 95 or above in Section B.
  •       One Designer’s Choice Award to the highest scoring exhibit scoring 95 or above in Section A.
However, the awards may be withheld if the judges feel that no design is worthy.
  •       All entries are eligible for the People’s Choice Award.