Garden Club of St. Augustine, Inc.
Founded in 1926
Las Adelfas Circle

Organized in 1939 as the
Las Adelfas Circle

Las Adelfas is Spanish for Oleander, an ornamental
shrub, native of the Mediterranean and Asia Minor.  It is
hardy in Florida.  The foliage is glossy, green leaves; the
flowers are single or double; fragrant; white, red or pink.


Environmental Education - Civic and Residential Beautification -
Youth and Community Projects


Third Tuesday – 9:30 AM




September 8, 2018 (Note: This is a Saturday)
PLACE:  Garden Center, 9:30am
PROGRAM:  Garden Club Annual Meeting
HOSTS:  Woodland Circle

September 18, 2018  (Raffle)
PLACE:  324 Oglethorpe Blvd. – Home of Cathy Snyder – 10:00 AM
PROGRAM:  Welcome Back Social Luncheon
HOSTS:  Kathy Marquis, Judy Lutz, Marilyn Smith, Cathy Snyder

October 16, 2018  (Raffle)
PLACE:  Garden Center
PROGRAM:  “Floral Presentation” with Dr. Peterson
HOSTS:  Pat Gay, Pat Meyer, Carol Sisco, Barbara Chappell

November 13, 2018 (Note Date Change)
PLACE:  Garden Center
PROGRAM:  Tour of Homes Preparation
HOSTS:  Cheryl Thigpen, Denise Hagan, Karen Brown, Ginny Pierucci

December 1-2, 2018
PLACE:  Tour of Homes assigned Home
PROGRAM:  Tour of Homes – required for all members

December 4, 2018 (Note Date Change)
PLACE:  Serenata Beach Club
PROGRAM:  Christmas Luncheon -- 11:30 AM
HOSTS:  Kai Long, Cindy Nixon-Witt, Carolyn Smith, Julie Kryazis

January 15, 2019  (Raffle)
PLACE:  Garden Center
PROGRAM:  “Community Garden” with Nana Royer
HOSTS:  Wendy Gowen, Kathi Keller, Tina Miles, Vicki Rauseo, Mary Duryea

February 19, 2019  (Raffle)
PLACE:  Garden Center
PROGRAM:  “Entering a Flower Show” with Elli Steiger
HOSTS:  Marcia Esche, Barbara Colee, Patsy Takken, Helen Boxer, Lorrie Carson

March 13, 2019
Hosts for the Club Meeting and Garden of the Month.
Everyone contributes. Chairs: Deborah Geanuleas and Susan Viola

March 19, 2019  (Raffle)
PLACE:  Garden Center
PROGRAM:  Ways and Means with Lois Hannabury-Deno
HOSTS:  Dixie Miller, Trish Kowalski, Iva Wilcox, Barb Kelly, Karen Schwarz

April 16, 2019
PLACE:  New Symrna Beach
PROGRAM:  ECO Tour, Marine Discovery Center

May 21, 2019
PLACE:  282 St. George Street -- Home of Esther Whetstone  10:00 AM
PROGRAM:  Installation of New Officers
HOSTS:  Lillian Baker, Billie Brown, Virginia Whetstone-Maguire,
Esther Whetstone,  JuAnne Weeks
Ginny Pierucci
Vice President
Recording Secretary
Corres. Secretary
Cindy Nixon-Witt, Julie Kyrazis
Carol Sisco
Denise Hagan, Pat Metz
Ginny Pierucci, Deborah Geanuleas
Tina Miles
Pat Meyer, Billie Brown
Kai Long, Esther Whetstone
Patsy Takken, JuAnne Weeks
Barbara Colee
Barbara Chappell
Virginia Whetstone-Maguire, Kathi Keller
Cheryl Thigpen
Karen Schwarz
Karen Brown, Helen Boxer, Mary Duryea
Lorrie Carson, Barbara Kelly,
Marcia Esche
Lillian Baker, Vickie Rauseo, Judy Lutz
Cathy Snyder, Marilyn Smith
Kathy Marquis, Wendy Gowen,
Pat Gay
Flower Show
Garden of the Month
Host Reminders
Tour of Homes Committee
Tour of Homes Crafts

Tour of Homes Food
Tour of Homes Decor
Ways and Means