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May 2020
Garden Club of St. Augustine, Inc.
Founded in 1926

Courtesy: Dianne Battle

Would you please forward this message to ask our garden    club
presidents and other relevant individuals to make their members
aware of an online course from the University of Florida on
Gardening for Pollinators?  

It is open to both Master Gardeners and the public and geared to
any level of gardener.  The online lectures should take a total of
about 8 hours and there are optional exercises and quizzes.   
Registration Deadline is
8/15 and fee is $15.   

Master Gardeners can get CEUs but should check with their
extension agents for requirements and hours.  I'd appreciate it,
and so would Wayne I'm sure.  

I have the course announced at our District IV website:
and Facebook:

Here is the link to the course description and registration