Ways and Means
Garden Club of St. Augustine, Inc.
Founded in 1926
The 2016 extension to the Garden Center
Committee has the following two objectives:
~~ To make available to club members and friends social activities
to encourage their interest in design and gardening and to make
related tools and supplies available for sale. Yearly activities
typically include:
Fun with Flowers, a Fashion Show, a Club trip, and our Ways and
Means table where items are available for sale during club
meetings and other events.
~~ To raise funds for the purchase of large items for the garden
clubhouse. Recent purchases have included a set of new folding
chairs for the meeting area. Future purchases are being considered.
Meeting times to be advised. Meeting place: Garden Center

Chair: Lois Hannabury-Deno (Sunflower Circle)
Second Chair: Lola Stark (Hibiscus Circle)