Garden Club of St. Augustine, Inc.
Founded in 1926

Geranium Circle

Organized in 1978 as the St. Augustine Shores Garden Club. The name was changed to the Geranium Circle in 2006

Community Beautification and Landscape Design
Third Friday – 12:00 PM



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PLACE: Garden Center
PROGRAM: Butterfly Natives/ Butterfly Garden
TOH Discussion
HOSTS: Rita Forrest, Mike Biggs

PLACE: St Johns Library – South East Branch
PROGRAM: Container Gardening
HOSTS: Sue O’Donnell, Tanya Loomis, Trudi Edenfield

PLACE: Garden Center
PROGRAM: Bulbs, Corms and Tubers – Maggie Oullette
HOSTS: Jeffery Morse, Dora Edwards    

PLACE: Carrabba’s Restaurant
PROGRAM: Christmas Luncheon and Gift Exchange

PLACE: Garden Center
PROGRAM: Roses with Keith Fuller
HOSTS: Ruth Trefry, Ann Marie Strom, Gayle Prevatt, Cynthia Avance

PLACE: Garden Center
PROGRAM: Cooking and Baking with Herbs
HOSTS: Elizabeth Littler, Dora Edwards

PLACE: Garden Center
PROGRAM: Debra Mixon from Nature Consultants
HOSTS: Judy Garcia, Angela Demetriades, Nancy SteMarie

PLACE: Garden Center
PROGRAM: Naturalist Speaker
HOSTS: Angela Christensen, Janice Karapcik, Pam Heil

PROGRAM: End of the Year
HOSTS: Angela, Ruth Trefry, Nellie Wiggins, Terry Nelson, Sally Stuemer