Garden Club of St. Augustine, Inc.
Founded in 1926

Hibiscus Circle

Organized 1939 as the Hibiscus Circle of the Garden Club of St. Augustine, Inc.

Second Thursday – 1:00 PM



PLACE: Garden Club
PROGRAM: Welcome Back, Year in Preview and Plant Exchange
HOSTS: Rosemary Comtois, Marianne Davies, Steve Davies, Heidi Sykes-Gomez, Gina Taylor

PLACE: Garden Club
PROGRAM: Bees & Honey by Joan Kramer, TOH Boutique Prep
HOSTS: Joanne Adamski, Kathy Hicks, Renee Jamison, Joanie Selph, Deborah Smith, Liz Whalen

PLACE: Garden Club
PROGRAM: TOH Boutique Prep
HOSTS: Karen Donaway, Judy Fegen, Mike Fegen, Lynda Hathorn, Sharon Myers, Bill Rosenthal, Cheryl Zimmerman

PLACE: Garden Club
PROGRAM: TOH Boutique Day Assignment Review and Cashier Training

PLACE: Garden Club
PROGRAM: Holiday Potluck with a Mock Flower Show & Judging

PLACE: Garden Club
PROGRAM: Hydroponic Gardening by Francine Stayter
HOSTS: Carla Buchanan-Steward, Barb Huber, Karen Kneeland, Janice Lennox, Judy Lumpp, Sandy Smollich, Joe Stumpf, Linda Stumpf

PLACE: Garden Club
PROGRAM: Celebrating Valentines with Flowers
HOSTS: Sue Carmichael, Annette Giannini, Betsy Preuss, Jo Ryan, Sharon Seider, Daisy Thompson, Rita Urbanski

PLACE: Garden Club
PROGRAM: How to Prepare Horticulture for a NGC Flower Show
HOSTS: Craig Meyerer, Susan Meyerer, Rosemarie Quintero, Claire Southerland, Gayle Spinell-Gellers, Glenda Sweeting

PLACE: Southbank Hotel, Jacksonville
PROGRAM: Attend FFGC Annual Convention Events

PROGRAM: End of Season Luncheon