Garden Club of St. Augustine, Inc.
Founded in 1926

Las Adelfas Circle

Organized in 1939 as the Las Adelfas Circle

Environmental Education, Civic and Residential Beautification, Youth and Community Projects
Third Tuesday – 9:30 AM at Garden Center or 10:00 AM in homes.



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PLACE: Garden Center
PROGRAM:  Welcome Back & Getting to Know You, Cindy Nixon-Witt, Diane Key
HOSTS: Kathy Marquis, Marilyn Smith, Cathy Snyder, Judy Lutz

PLACE: Garden Center
PROGRAM: Fun with Fall Flowers, Cathy Snyder & Marilyn Smith
HOSTS: Carolyn Smith, Wendy Gowen, Julie Kyrazis, Ginny Pierucci, Judy Rente

PLACE: Garden Center
PROGRAM: Tour of Homes Planning
HOSTS: Denise Hagen, Karen Brown, Barbara Chappell, Pat Gay

PLACE: Seranata Beach Club
3175 Ponte Vedra Blvd, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL 32082
PROGRAM: Holiday Celebration & Luncheon, Cindy Nixon-Witt

PLACE: Garden Center
PROGRAM: Todd Grant, Utility Director, City of St. Augustine
Sustainability Program, Glass Recycling, Compost and More…
HOSTS: Tina Miles, Susan Rippe, Helen Boxer, Deborah Geanuleas

PLACE: Garden Center
PROGRAM: Connie Gladding, President, North Florida Day Lily Society
Everything You Want to Know About Day Lilies
HOST: Marcia Esche, Cindy Nixon-Witt, Lorrie Carson, Andrea Kohn

PLACE: Garden Center
PROGRAM: Karen Doyle, How to Incorporate Microgreens into your Cooking & Diet
HOSTS: Dixie Miller, Trish Kowalski, Barb Kelly, Dennis Mc Carthy

PLACE: Maggie’s Herb Farm Tour & Picnic @ 10:00 A.M.
11400 County Road 13 N., St. Augustine, FL
PROGRAM: Gardens Tour & Picnic Lunch

HOSTS: Kathi Keller, Diane Key, Carol Sisco

PLACE: Andrea Kohn
217 Marshside Drive,
St. Augustine, FL 32080
PROGRAM: End of Year Celebration & Potluck Luncheon
HOSTS: Kai Long, Karen Doyle, Denise Vogel, Polly Stalnaker