Garden Club of St. Augustine, Inc.
Founded in 1926

Shamrock Circle

Organized 1986 as the Shamrock Circle of the Garden Club of St. Augustine, Inc.

Ongoing floral project with the Council on Aging,
Wildflower Clinic – ongoing project to clean up and beautify the landscape, and donate much needed supplies
Environmental education and youth community projects

Third Thursday – 12:30 PM



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PLACE: Garden Club
PROGRAM: Empower Your Landscape with Native Plants/Debra Mixon
HOSTS: David & Cindie Farah, Linda Buchanan

PLACE: Garden Club
PROGRAM: Advice from our Master Gardeners & Plant Swap
HOSTS: Heidi McGaha, Marie Fontaine, Sue Swain

PLACE: Garden Club
PROGRAM: Tour of Homes Crafting Projects
HOSTS: Susan Stroud, Phyllis Cope, Louise Fitzpatrick

PLACE: Amici’s Italian Restaurant
PROGRAM:  Holiday Luncheon

PLACE: Garden Club
PROGRAM: St Augustine Orchid Society/Bob Schimmel
HOSTS: Fran DeSteno, Ann Doak, Linda Buchanan

PLACE: Garden Club
PROGRAM: Floralines Presentation – Tools & Equipment.
Floral Arrangement/Joanne Rosenberg
HOSTS: Valerie Simpson, Judy Cristella, Pat Greenman

PLACE: Garden Club
PROGRAM: David Farah – Environment of the Beach
HOSTS: Nikki Kaufman, Betty Poteet, Maria Zabinski

PLACE: Mount Dora
PROGRAM: Fundraising Trip

PLACE: Garden Club
PROGRAM: Jessica Shaw – Mushrooms
HOSTS: Janerae Fiore-Morrell, Joan Kramer, Linda Buchanan

PROGRAM: End-of-Year Luncheon