Garden Club of St. Augustine, Inc.
Founded in 1926

Sunflower Circle

Organized in 2016 as the Sunflower Circle of the Garden Club of St. Augustine, Inc.

Fostering Connections
Third Thursday – 9:30 PM



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PLACE: Garden Center
PROGRAM: GCSA Nature Detectives, Bees – Dianna Christakos & Marla Ward
HOSTS: Claire Powell, Reesa Fassett

PLACE: Garden Center
PROGRAM: “Snapdragon Program” Introduction to Garden Photography Guild – Marianne Salas
HOSTS: Maureen Nightingale, Kathi Spearow

PLACE: Garden Center
PROGRAM: Tour of Homes Organization & Workshop
HOSTS: Marla Ward, Fran Learned

PLACE: Claire Powell’s Home
PROGRAM: Holiday Potluck & Party 11:15 AM

PLACE: Garden Center
PROGRAM: Program with Dottie Hudson
HOSTS: Kathy Carbone, Patty Smith

PLACE: Garden Center
PROGRAM: Keith Fuller Program
HOSTS: Janet Gabrielson, Mary Ellen Lanzillo

PLACE: Select Growers & EFG Orchids
PROGRAM: Field Trip

PLACE: Garden Club
PROGRAM: Dianna Christakos Program
HOSTS: Dianna Christakos, Elaine Domenick

PLACE: St Johns County Agricultural Center Tour
PROGRAM: Field Trip and End of Year Lunch